When laying the foundations for the best golf betting system, it is very important to know the markets available. Simply, place a bet on the winner of the tournament, even though it may be high.

So, to be safe, wait until the tournament starts to make a more accurate bet depending on the statistics. Also consider markets such as Top 5 Finish, Top 10 Finish, First Round Leader and other popular markets.

In the meantime, it would be helpful to know a thing or six about the golf course. So you don’t need to know every cup on the course, just the course layout and location. For example, West Coast Swing golf courses are traditionally rugged, which means that players from the southeast may have difficulty. In general, look at how comfortable a player can be on the playing surface before backing them.

Finally, as in baseball, look at the weather forecast. As mentioned at the beginning, cold air is much denser than warm air. So when a cold club hits a cold golf ball, drag is a sure thing. Simply put, colder energy reduces the distance of travel by 1 or 2 yards for every 100 yards. Other weather conditions to consider are rain, wind and snow.

Best golf betting tips

Best golf betting tips

Here are some useful tips to help you maximise your golf betting strategy:

Don’t always back the favourites: Golf is not short of shockers like other sporting events. Sometimes the underdogs can get upset in order to win a trophy. An example is Tiger Woods, who always has a small chance of winning a tournament when he is at his best. However, backing him instead of a player in good form with a great chance can be a costly mistake. The bookmaker is always happy to offer longer odds to an unproven golfer.

Do not ignore a golfer in good form: Betting on a golfer in good form is undoubtedly the best way to win something here. For example, a bookmaker might offer +200 for Abraham Ancer to finish in the top 10. Assuming the player has finished in the top 20 for five consecutive rounds, the odds are too good to pass up. You never know; Abraham may even finish in the top 10.

Best players in major tournaments: Most recent major championships have been dominated by famous names, if the statistics are correct. For example, Koepka ranked fourth in the world at the 2018 PGA. And 2018 Masters winner Patrick Reed was seeded 24th before the tournament. Now, this means that the chances of a world-class golfer (Top 25) winning a major tournament are high.

Course History: It is foolish to put money on the head of a particular golfer without taking into account his record on the course. In simple words, always look at a golfer’s performance on a particular course. In addition, you should never forget about regional familiarity, as a local golfer is more likely to perform well on a local course.

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