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Welcome to Burrud.com

We provide high end film & interactive media solutions including broadcast and web programs, commercials, exhibition videos, internal communications and 2D/3D motion graphics.

Our staff has a unique mix of creative skills that allow us to think in many visual dimensions. With over 60 years of video & film production experience, we have produced many programs for a multitude of satisfied clients including, but not limited to, A&E, Biography, Discovery Channel,  Reelz Channel, Discovery Health,TLC, Travel Channel and WEtv.

Production Services


We can provide all your needed personnel from a small E.N.G. crew, to a full service feature production staff.


Our producers have decades of experience and will work within your budget to bring your project to fruition on schedule.

Off-line Editing

Burrud Productions has both linear and non linear off-line rooms and a staff of quick yet creative editors.

On-line Editing

Our state of the art on-line bays can accommodate all formats and can output anything including all your HD needs.


An in-house staff of quality Emmy award winning writers. Well versed in documentary filmmaking our writing staff can handle any project.


Our staff of directors has worked on nearly every kind of project, from music videos and corporate films to documentaries and family features. Their skill and dedication will bring a new dimension to any project.

Equipment Rental

We have several full camera (fill or video), sound, and lighting packages. Remote 4x4 camera vehicles with tow hitch, complete grip package, dolly, Jimmy Jibs and Stedicam are also available.



Peter Gaulke's Strange Wilderness: THE MOVIE

Peter Gaulke's Strange Wilderness: SHORTS

Animals are the Funniest People

Too Funny


Other Side of the Cell

Beyond Bizarre

Ghosts: Fact or Fiction



Adventure World

Curse of the Mayan Temple

Devil's Mountain

Man Against the Sea

Montezuma's Lost Gold

The Call of Kilimanjaro

The Treasure Chase

This Nation Israel

Treasure! (1990) (with Phillip Michael Thomas) Treasure

True Adventure

What a Way to Go 2 Hour

Surfing Champions 1 hour


Animal Odyssey

Animal World

Big Cats

Creatures of the Amazon

Creatures of the Wild

Dangerous Creatures

Great American Wilderness

Is there an Ark?

Mysterious Miniature World

New! Animal World

Predators of the Sea

Safari to Adventure

Sea World - Just for the Fun of it

Seals, Whales and Dolphin Tales

Secret World of Reptiles

Shark! The Silent Savage

Sharks of a Different Color

The Amazing Apes

The Carnivores

The Last Ark

Vanishing Africa

Where Did All the Animals Go?

Wildlife Adventure

True Crime

Women on Death Row I

Women on Death Row II

Women on Death Row III

Women on Death Row IV

Women on Death Row V

Women Behind Bars Season I

Women Behind Bars Season II

Women Behind Bars Season III


Natural Wonders (America's Wonders)

Jean Michel Cousteau Presents

Stories of the Sea

Amazing World

Baja - Great New Adventure

Holiday Islands in the Sun



Wonderful World of Women


W.W. II Factual

Making of Tarawa

Return to Tarawa

The Burrud Legacy

The History of Burrud Productions actually started long before Bill Burrud founded Bill Burrud Productions in 1954. In 1913 Bill’s father, |Leland Burrud, began filming one of the first known travel movies titled, "Legend of the Wilderness." He crossed the nation with a caravan of ancient cars and cinema equipment.

Bill Burrud began his love affair with Hollywood at the age of 7 when he made his acting debut in the feature motion picture "Music in the Air." He went on to appear in such productions as "Captains Courageous" with Spencer Tracy , "The Cowboy and the Kid" and "Idol of the Crowds" with John Wayne.

He grew up to serve in the Navy during World War II, and like so many other Vets, went off in search of his future in the post-war era. After graduating from Harvard Business School, Bill again turned his attention to Hollywood.

In 1950 television was making a big splash in the entertainment arena and Bill Burrud had an idea. He coined a new word for television … "traventure. " He acted upon this idea and in 1951 Los Angeles TV station KTTV purchased Bill’s first adventure series, The Open Road. In 1954 he founded Bill BurrudProductions and went on to produce literally hundreds of hours of programming in the ensuing years. The library spans 48 years of production and seven million feet of footage.

Bill Burrud and Burrud Productions have made a substantial contribution to the history of television. Productions run the gamut of family-reality programming. Animal World ran on all 3 networks and New! Animal World on the Disney Channel for a total of 15 years. Subject matter of Burrud programs was primarily wildlife, oceanic exploration, adventure, action, travel, reality and comedy. A partial list of Burrud productions includes the series : True Adventure, Vagabond, Wanderlust, Islands in the Sun, Wonderful World of Women, Safari to Adventure, Treasure! (hosted by Philip Michael Thomas), and Natural Wonders; specials that include: Where Did All the Animals Go?, Seals, Whales and Dolphin Tales (hosted by Loni Anderson), Return to Tarawa, Beyond Bizarre 1-13, Animals are the Funniest People (in association with Dick Clark and NBC), Shark! The Silent Savage (hosted by Robert Culp), and Movie Monsters Revealed; and a number of feature films including: Secret World of Reptiles, Vanishing Africa, Great American Wilderness, Amazing Apes, Mysterious Miniature World, The Last Ark, Devil’s Mountain, Montezuma’s Lost Gold, Strange Wilderness, The Call of Kilimanjaro.

Burrud Productions has experienced a number of significant milestones in the last 48 years. There have been awards from The Southern California Motion Picture Council and Film Advisory Board, Hollywood Festival of World Television, for the best wildlife and environment series - - the VIRA Award.

More recently, the feature film Call of Kilimanjaro received the Silver Award at the 1997 Worldfest Charleston.

Bill Burrud received his star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame in 1977. Talk about milestones! If you want to visit, you’ll find Bill’s star next to Elvis Presley’s star.

Bill put his money where his mouth was in 1977 when he produced Where Did All the Animals Go? Produced entirely at Burrud Productions expense, this special raised over $120,000 from viewers for the Bill Burrud Anti-Poaching Fund. The money was used to purchase and deliver a police-type helicopter and other needed services for Kenya’s Tsavo Park West, a prime target for elephant poachers.

Bill’s son, John Burrud, joined the company directly out of high school and learned every phase of the business from the ground up. He learned his lessons well and has been directing the activities of the company since becoming President in 1985.

Bill Burrud passed away in 1990, but the Burrud legacy is stronger than ever. John Burrud’s leadership of Burrud Productions, Inc. will stand the companyin good stead in this New Millennium. For example, the current productionroster includes completion of 6 new hours of programming for The DiscoveryChannel, 5 hours of programming for The Learning Channel and 65 half-hours of children’s educational programming.

All in all, John Burrud and his staff look forward to a busy year producing innovativeand fresh programming for the worldwide television market.


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Corporate Headquarters:

468 N. Camden Dr., 2nd Floor Beverly Hills, CA 90210

Production Facility and Billing:

3620 Long Beach Blvd. Suite C1 Long Beach, CA 90807

Office: (310) 860-5158

fax: (562) 595-5986

Email: Info@burrud.com